Hej, international craftsmen!

Welcome to the craftwork market during Alnö Medieval Days 2023

For the fourth year, this market is organized at Alnö in Sundsvall. We offer Norrland championships in jousting. The tournament is conducted in six competition branches, accompanied by a unique and hard-to-repeat show with both music and theatre. We welcome the challengers Jemtlandicum to a showdown with Norrlandicum!

The craftwork market is open Saturday 19 August at 10.00-18.00 and Sunday 20 August 10.00-16.00.

You are welcome on Friday afternoon, so you have plenty of time to get ready.

The location is the well-known sheep embankment on the Alnö churchyard, which served as a trading post for several centuries. Note that there was a pagan sacrificial place on the site already in the 4th century and the church in the middle of the market dates from the 12th century. Alnö’s famous baptismal font is made of pine and fir, probably in the 12th or 13th century and it is considered one of Europe’s foremost cultural objects!

So how can we fail in such a medieval place? Yes, without bangs from the Middle Ages it will be difficult! Do you want to participate as a seller?

Our ambitions are to create a market with diversity in the medieval spirit. Our requirements are therefore that your range, market stall and clothing are related to the Middle Ages. We expressly refrain from things that simply do not belong in this type of medieval market.

You, as a seller, need to be unpacked at approx. 09.45 on 19/8 and remain until we close on 20/8.

For more information and registration don’t hesitate to contact us at: henrik@alno-medeltidsdagar.se

How to find us

If you want to travel by public transport, the stop is called ”Vi Alnö Kyrka”. The address is Alnövägen 85.